14 November 2018
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  Research Lines

1. High-risk pregnancies and maternal & neonatal health:

1-1) Premarital counseling

1-2) Preconception counseling

1-3) Prenatal care

1-4) Blood pressure due to pregnancy

1-5) Premature birth, PPROM, IUGR (early detection and prevention)

1-6) Ways to facilitate labor

1-7) Neonatal and fetal injuries (diagnosing and treatment)

1-8) Systemic diseases during pregnancy

1-9) Obstetric hemorrhage

1-10) Nutrition in high-risk pregnancies

2. Gynecologic cancers:

2-1) Tumor markers and molecular& genetic studies

2-2) Prevention, screening and early detection

2-3) Treatments and follow-up

2-4) Epidemiology and biostatic

2-5) physical and psychological rehabilitation of patients after treatment

2-6) Cancer and pregnancy

2-7) Care of critical patients (End Stage)

2-8) Nutrition in Cancer Patients

3. Infertility

3-1) Epidemiology and etiology of infertility

3-2) Investigation the role of antioxidants

3-3) New methods of diagnosis and treatment (ART)

3-4) Endocrinology studies

3-5) Couples psychological treatment and their role in the final outcome

3-6) Environmental Studies and the role of environmental factors in infertility

3-7) Epidemiology and neonatal problems from mothers with a history of infertility

4. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

4-1) Screening in high risk patients

4-2) Educational interventions and Prophylactic

4-3) Management and treatment of pregnant women with AIDS and STD diseases

5. Adolescents and Youths’ Gynecological health

5-1) Training

5-2) Epidemiological studies

6. Mental health at obstetrics and gynecological diseases

6-1) Epidemiology

6-2) Diagnosis and Treatment

7. Stem Cells of gynecological disease

8. Medicinal plants

8-1) performed clinical trials on herbal medicines

9. Biotechnology and Nanotechnology at obstetrics and gynecological diseases

9-1) Screening and Molecular Diagnostics of obstetrics and gynecological diseases

9-2) Investigate Gynecological pathology on structural biology

10. Gynecologic diseases

11. Urogynecology